Thursday, December 13, 2007

EGO, the light for SAD (Winter Blues) Intervention

My design work for the Columbia University's Clinical Chronobiology and Winter Depression Programs under Dr. Michael Terman led to the development of light diffusion systems for Dawn and Dusk Simulation over sleeping and waking subject and then to lightboxes for suppression of melatonin as it seems to relate to winter blues by improvement of sleep and mood especially due to lack of light in the short winter days or lack of light due to the corporate light deprivation in most workspace cubicles. This version of EGO is re-marketed with two special high output 32 Watt 4100K lamps at, owned by the CET group - so a portion of sales goes back into research.

EGO, the light for EBay product photography

As this blog has already covered - the classic product photograph has a top light overhead and a side light near the camera. So two EGOs, one atop a tripod and one self standing hnxt to the camera position solve 99% of every EBay power seller imaging need. Take a look at the rest of this blog for examples of every thing from soup to nuts - OK bread to bones.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

EGO, the light for Video Blogging

Tired of looking twenty years older than Noah while spouting the wisdom of the ages? Yes, it is true that video cameras are now so sensitive you can light your face from the monitor - that's cool, really cool! as the monitors have a native white point that is somewhere in the very blue 7000 or 9000 degrees Kelvin. And your light source is ghoulishly coming from below your camera position. Look at some of these faces on bloggingheads.

Better to compliment yourself and your viewers with a 5000K high color (92 CRI) wide spectrum beauty light - the Lowel EGO was designed to make products photograph even better than life and you are your best product, so....follows.. and it's much cheaper than surgery.