Friday, June 30, 2006

Lesson 103, Male Executive (almost) Portrait

Certainly the cheapest corporate model I know - me. This is a ONE EGO example.

The need for a simple, quick and "kind" portrait with a digital camera is rampant - for the news release or corporate PR portrait. The built in flash will not cut it. So - get an EGO, find a table and small tripod positioned next to a white or warm neutral wall - and you're in business - corporate business.

Again, keep the EGO as close as possible to the subject. Avoid having the EGO direct any light (aka flare) into the lens. Keep the light at eye level of the subject. If there is no white wall, place a large piece of white paper or white card opposite the EGO - OK, the wall is dark brown - sneak a couple of push pins into the wall to hold up the white card. The more white cards the more "kindly" the portrait- one underneath the subject is an excellent idea.

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