Friday, September 07, 2007

EGO - the light for viewing Wine Clarity and Hue

Last night I had a conversation with a winery in Oregon looking for a daylight, color critical, fluorescent SINGLE light bulb for visual examination of wine clarity, color and turbidity. After my explaination about CRI and 5500K, I suggest they take a look at the EGO's website, but the answer was "oh, we're not looking for photo lights". That's my fault. To me, lighting with the wide spectrum high color EGO meant lighting anything with EGO - so yes OK imaging was the first market - but anything else, visual or imaged, is the next market(s).

EGO could easily be the new standard at wine tastings every where as, without a visual repeatable stable standard, the winery in Spain cannot know what the problem is when their shipment reached Oregon, and etc. Just as my Scandles has become a examination standard for condition reporting at world museums - Guggenheim New York needs the same lighting standard as the Guggenheim Venice as Bilboa.

You can buy the single EGO or a pair already on Amazon - but if your winery needs some quantity let me know - also such a light makes an easy POP display in wine shops everywhere.

Next blog will show four other EGO uses other than photography and imaging.

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