Sunday, October 15, 2006

Lesson 401, Jewelry - Gold, Silver

Simple silver with gold belt buckle. First, this is were the 5500Kelvin color output makes EGO "shines". As explained in the earlier post, the Digital technology is weak in the blue and very strong in infrared (hence, night vision goggles) - try get good looking silver and gold with Tungstun - dont believe yet - here's a FREE no cost test.

Get a silver (metal) wrist watch and set it on a moveable card with a color reference chart. Photograph your setup with a digital camera under tungsten light - any household Edison lamp will serve - these lamps are about 2700 Kelving. Then carry your card with watch and color reference outside to an shaded side of your building - open shade will be about 10 to 30,000 Kelvin - may several more digital exposures. Now compare in Photoshop or similar - which light source resulted in the best silvers and golds?

SETUP Above: Here are two EGOS with two reflector cards arranged to create a full "spherical" tent. The belt buckle photo on the left is with the "roof" reflector in place and, the photo in the middle, the "roof" has been removed. Note the difference.

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