Sunday, October 15, 2006

Lesson 402, Jewelry - Sparkles

Jewelry can be the hardest of all photographic subjects - you have high contrasts - bright silver surfaces and dark black leathers or velvets, you have "gems" that must reveal polished surfaces but you must also show their transperancy and depth with some sexy sparkle here and there.

The usual, but not 100% solution is to create a broad light source with graduated brightness - a single even light source will not reveal the curved surfaces of your subject. In the example above we have removed one of the lamps from the EGO closest to us - so EGO ONE, full brightness, EGO TWO, half brightness, but brighter on the side nearest EGO ONE - then a the white card to complete the "circle" of broad light around our varied subject.

Compare the photo on the left with the one in the middle. To add some "sparkle" we have placed the light bulb we stole from EGO TWO into a clipon socket very near the camera lens and, then carefully watch where it "pops" open the reflective metal and glass and stone surfaces. See close up photo on the next post.

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