Thursday, July 06, 2006

Lesson 203, Forensic Documents

Here is almost all that was left of a young Rocky Mountain sheep after two mountain lions had their feast at about the 10,000 foot level this spring on the south facing (warm) slope of the 12,000 ft mountain to the north of Silver Plume - this portion of skull and a thick layer of fur and blood laid out across an old mining road.

The EGO is a perfect inexpensive illuminant (aka- task light) for forensic or museum study and imaging - high color (92+ CRI), 5000 degree Kelvin (daylight with equal red, green and blue) and no radiant heat (93% of the energy from Edison's tungsten is infrared [aka: heat]) to further destroy the object.

Again, as with the bread and ceramic photograph, we use two EGOs - top/back boomed and front fill self standing EGOs and color reference cards. But here note the many white cards to open up the shadows and further reduce contrast, yet not to eliminate the necessary texture/information of our skull.

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