Sunday, July 09, 2006

Lesson 204b, Squaring Off Flat Art

Yes, they're right - it's all done with smoke and mirrors. OK, no smoke.

The quickest way to square the camera to a piece of art is to position a mirror (without touching the fragile surface of a painting or other art work) FLAT (Critical!!) against the center (Critical!!) of the art and place the camera so that the center of the lens appears in the center of the mirror.

As with the example above, we have drawn an "X" from corner to corner on the mirror to help find the center of the mirror and visually find in the refection, the center of the lens.

In the example above, we have used blocks to get the center of the mirror up to the center of the art. With larger art, one may need attach the mirror to the center of a card of equal size to the art work.

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