Sunday, July 09, 2006

Lesson 302, Still Life - Coffee Pot

Again, the rounded light quality from the single EGO clearly shows up to enhance the mirrored metal surface of the subject.

Note that ALL photos on this blog can be clicked for an enlarged study of details.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the demonstrations. Most of them aren't relevant for my work, but I like the flare on the polished metal surfaces in this shot. Can you use this same type of setup for something small like jewelry? I want the flare without overwhelming the piece with a big bright light.

Gary Regester said...

Jewelry usually needs a "flare" source right at the lens. I find a daylight fluorscent screw-in lamp in a plug-in socket (confused yet?) at the end of an extension cord - played with/against an EGO - to be perfect for jewelry. Given your good question, I will post a couple of jewelry photographs.